McCall & Almy Announces Linda McDonough has been Named a 2020 Women of Influence

McCall & Almy Announces Linda McDonough has been Named a 2020 Women of Influence


McCall & Almy is pleased to announce that Real Estate Forum has recognized Linda McDonough as a 2020 Women of Influence in the Marketing/Communications Professional category.


With infectious enthusiasm and quick wit, Linda’s knowledge and passion are the fuel behind McCall & Almy’s marketing strategy. Linda began her career in the commercial real estate industry for a small 50-person Boston firm. If you look at her real estate career over the past 23 years, you will see quite a few company names. In actuality, Linda worked with the same core team of professionals as her company went through numerous mergers and acquisitions up until she landed at McCall & Almy. Linda’s ability to be successful after each merger was due to her ability to adapt to changes in the way marketing is done, whether it is adopting new technologies, devising business strategies or using social media to stay ahead of trends. She has a great ability to understand who the potential client the company is looking to win and then use the most effective tool to work with brokers on winning the business.


When Linda started working in the industry, there were not a lot of female leaders to look up to for career advice or to serve as a mentor. Having a young daughter and knowing the importance of having guidance, Linda made it a priority to make herself available as a mentor to any woman who wanted to learn from her or talk through a problem. She has found it very rewarding to have mentored many young women over the course of her career who were interested in a the marketing field.


Linda is a fierce brand champion and passionate about developing marketing solutions that covey McCall & Almy’s unique selling proposition. She especially loves social media and using it as a tool to connect with people across all industries. She has been at the forefront of using social media to promote her firm’s knowledge and experience as a thought leader in the industry by creating and sharing relevant industry information. She has spearheaded the use of a variety of different platforms over the years to drive leads and build brand awareness to position the firm in a crowded marketplace. Linda’s creative use of social media has earned her invitations to be a panelist for CoreNet New England, a panelist for Publicity Club of New England and a regular contributor to Sharp Launch blog postings as well as developing relationships with women in other markets and industries throughout the years, people she is still in touch with today.


How does her boss describe Linda? “It is an absolute pleasure to work with Linda. She is an outstanding marketing and brand strategist dedicated to making McCall & Almy a success. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Linda quickly absorbs changing industry dynamics, customer needs, and market demands leading us to deliver the most compelling marketing resources to advance the company’s brand and position in the marketplace.”



Linda McDonough
Senior Vice President, Marketing
+1 617.455.4035