Kati Brigham Named 2019 Woman of Fire by Banker & Tradesman


Kati Brigham Named 2019 Woman of Fire by Banker & Tradesman


McCall & Almy is pleased to announce that Kati Brigham has been named a 2019 Woman of Fire by Banker & Tradesman.


Kati Brigham started at McCall & Almy 10 years ago. Her first role was at the front desk, and what began as an interim role into the corporate world, turned into a passionate career spearheaded by her determination and hard work. Kati is currently a Vice President on McCall & Almy’s strategic consulting team representing one of the firm’s largest clients, and Massachusetts’s largest employer, Partners HealthCare System. 


Kati started her career at McCall & Almy as an Administrative Assistant, but that quickly transitioned into a position in marketing and research. With her keen attention to detail, dedication, and creative approach to research, she had the ability to chase down answers other people couldn’t find, proving herself an invaluable asset to the firm.


While in the office she is known for her laid-back style and witty one-liners, when it comes to McCall & Almy’s clients, she is all business. In the past 18 months, Kati has completed over 100,000 square feet in leasing transactions and extensions, while simultaneously negotiating multiple land and building purchases. She is intimately involved in Partners HealthCare’s business strategy to further healthcare accessibility and bring first-rate care to suburban communities. From identifying the property, negotiating terms, and working through the entitlement process, Kati is involved from start to finish. In a recent transaction, Kati was able to convince an owner to subdivide and sell a parcel of land he was otherwise planning to develop himself. The creativity she brings to every assignment, paired with her candid style of negotiation, enabled her to convince the owner to release his most valuable parcel of land. The client walked away with one of the best sites in the area and is now eagerly anticipating the opening of its new facility in September 2019. For the community, this means world-renowned care right in their backyard.


What’s the best lesson Kati has learned working in commercial real estate? When it comes to negotiating, knowledge is power. She credits her knowledge with working side-by-side with the best commercial real estate brokers in Boston. She also gained her share of real estate knowledge outside of the office. Two years ago, she completed her first house flip, which included a subdivision of excess land and subsequent disposition to a local developer. This year, she invested in her first rental property. Kati always continues to strive for more, inside and outside of the office.


 A dedicated member of the community, Kati volunteers for organizations such as Caritas Communities, United Way and Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, non-profits that strive to improve the lives of those less fortunate. Professionally, she is committed to the missions of the Commercial Brokers Association (CBA), Greater Boston Real Estate Board (GBREB), and CREW Boston.



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